Solved: Outlook 2007 – email stuck in Outbox after switching from Exchange Server to Gmail IMAP – error 0x80040201

This took a long time to work out. As usual, someone had walked the path before me but it took a while to find that solution amongst all the false leads (in my case).

Our company had recently switched it’s email from Exchange Server to Gmail. (Yes, they are aware of the security issues. Anyway …). Not liking the GMail interface etc I wanted to continue using Outlook for my mail client and using GMail’s IMAP to do that. After setting that up (lots of posts on the net on how to do that), I noticed the following problem.

Important note: See this post BEFORE you delete your old Outlook Exchange file. If you do it the wrong way you will lose all your email!

The problem: When I created a new email to some of my contacts, or replied to an email from one of those same contacts, the email stayed in the Outbox of my default PST file. Sometimes it threw the error 0x80040201. Nothing I did would cause Outlook to send the email. Other email addresses worked fine! Very weird. Eventually I discovered the post below that explained that the problem was due to the Outlook.nk2 file that contains the data for the auto-complete functionality of Outlook. That file remembers whether the address is an Exchange Server address or an SMTP address. And guess what? All the addresses I had problems with had Exchange settings.

So, see the LAST item on this post: which explains a couple of fixes.

Alternatively, download this: and delete all the email items with an account type of EX (as opposed to SMTP) and follow the instructions. You will then need to type the full email address the next time you send to that person and it will then remember the correct settings. Some addresses had both EX and SMTP entries so deleting the EX entries allowed the SMTP entries to correctly auto-correct.

I hope this saves someone the hours it took for me to find the solution.

NB: there is still a problem with Outlook that appears to be a bug. To get the email to actually send, you must click Send/Receive / Send ALL. I haven’t found a way for it to send automatically but at least I can send email with a couple of extra button clicks!

Now, I wonder how well Thunderbird’s IMAP works?



9 thoughts on “Solved: Outlook 2007 – email stuck in Outbox after switching from Exchange Server to Gmail IMAP – error 0x80040201

  1. Murray! You nailed it! Thank you! – solved my problem in 5 min tops, after migrating users from Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003 -> Gmail yesterday. πŸ™‚ (sunny and warm – Northern California)

    • Have never made it to the land-down-under. I love Koala bears, though! πŸ˜‰ Heard there’s a twindling problem of lacking eucalyptus trees? I’m in Silicon Valley about 1 mile from Facebook’s new HQ (old Sun Micro buildings).

      Cheers and Fair Dinkum to Dick Smith! πŸ™‚

      • You must come some time – we live in a great country. BTW: Koalas (which are not actually bears – they are marsupials) are in decline because of habitat destruction. Years ago they were shot for their fur but that hasn’t happened for decades thankfully. They only eat the leaves of a few certain kinds of eucalyptus and forestry and houses are putting big pressure on the remaining populations – along with hundreds of other species. A common problem the world over, it seems.

        If you Google “three sisters katoomba” you will see the world a few kilometres from where I live. πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry for posting on an old post. I discovered the NK2Edit from NirSoft yesterday. Great little app. There is a function in the version I used (vs 2.52) that converts the EX addresses to SMTP. So there is no need to remove valid EX addresses, they just get converted to real SMTP.

    Great article by the way

    • yes – thanks for the update/post. I love wordpress – and thanks Murray for maintaining this site – still a great resource for those running into this issue. And generally, I love NirSoft’s tech tools – have solved many problems for me the last five years or so. – 007 from Northern California (83 degrees (F) today! – finally!)

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