Ext – Adding a tree to the portal example

For a project I am working on I wanted to add a tree to a viewport. There is a portal example on the Ext web site that features an accordion control in the west panel. It took a while to figure out how to replace that accordion with a tree even though the method turned out to be quite simple.

See this post on the Ext forum for the key piece of information from another Ext user:

See this working version (and files to download) on my web site:


Ext JS library and Coldfusion

I am enjoying using the Ext JS 2.0 library and at the same time finding it very frustrating due to a lack of well documented examples. The library is a very comprehensive object oriented Javascript library that is aimed at building data rich web applications.

To help others (especially Coldfusion programmers like me) I have started an Ext & Coldfusion wiki page on the Ext site that will, I hope, become a central place for CF programmers to leave tips about how to integrate CF and Ext.

The wiki is at http://extjs.com/learn/Manual:Resources:ColdFusion